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Boarding and Grooming

Pet Boarding

When you’re going to be out of town for a while and have nobody to watch your best friend, your only call needs to be to Preppy Pets Salon and Mobile. We’re proud to offer a professional boarding service that is clean, comfortable, and secure. Your precious cat or dog will receive the utmost level of care and attention and never be in a cage while in our care.
Every pet will receive individualized attention and can participate in our doggy daycare activities, keeping them active and socially involved with others. We guarantee that your little bundle of fur will return home to you happy, calm, and content.

Pet Grooming

 At Preppy Pets Salon and Mobile, we offer top-quality grooming services that will leave your furry friend smelling, looking, and feeling great. Our talented groomers have many years of experience with top-of-the-line grooming techniques and are experts at making your pet feel safe, secure, and nutured.
From shampoos and haircuts to nail trimmings, styling, and brushing, we’ll provide the highest level of service for your pet. Our groomers are extremely professional and work with extreme care and precision.

Dog Grooming

From poodles to labradors, Preppy Pets Salon and Mobile provides unmatched dog grooming services. Our goal is to ensure that your pup smells and looks their best. Here, we ensure that your dog's fur, teeth, and ears are completely clean. We also provide nail trimming to protect your furniture.

Cat Grooming

Our cat grooming includes everything your kitty could need to be as soft and cuddly as a stuffed animal. We not only clean their fur and ears, but we make sure their claws are trimmed to protect you and your couches.

De-Shed Treatment

Long-haired or dense-coated pups need some extra love and care when it comes to shedding. While brushing them will keep their topcoat well-groomed and tangle-free, the bulk of shedding fur comes from the undercoat! Preppy Pets Salon and Mobile offer de-shedding treatments to keep your fur babies cool, comfortable, and shed-free.

Mobile Grooming

During the hectic tasks of your workday when you can't get away from the house, you may not have the time or energy to bring your precious pet to our salon for that much-needed grooming. Don't worry. We can also travel to your location and perform the same services in the comfort of your home that we do at our doggy salon.
With our convenient mobile grooming service, you can stay at home and continue with your daily schedule while we professionally groom your furry friend. Your pet is sure to feel safe and comfortable in their familiar environment, and you'll also feel at ease knowing they are being well cared for without you losing precious time away from home. Contact us today for the relaxing, convenient service of our mobile grooming.

Doggy Daycare

When you have to run those important errands or make that necessary business run, you can't always take your furry friend with you. When this is your dilemma, bring your canine friend to Preppy Pets Salon and Mobile for our professional doggy daycare service. Our team of compassionate animal lovers is committed to making your pet feel special and loved during their stay at our facility.
Each pet will receive individualized attention during their stay, complete with nutritious meals, social playtime with others, and recreational walks in our spacious, clean facility. Your pet will never be caged, and you can rest assured they will receive a heaping dose of tender loving care to keep them happy and content. Contact us today to sign your best friend up for our doggy daycare service.

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